Day 2

Asim Akhtar,

19:07 PM:

Made some progress with the programming > created a button for gmail integration.

Button doesn't work properly yet since keep getting errors, will probably have to use a different method when doing the axios HTTP request since access token invalid.

Anyway, that's that, didn't play any games.

Had to go to other house to do some stuff for an hour ish. Rest of the day was pretty much all programming.

Even though I'm a noob, I'm actually slowly hacking my way through this. I dont know how long itll take, but Ill eventually get the email automation/customer service app done (at least an MVP) within several weeks?

Will have to host it on my own site as Shopify app apparently takes weeks to update, but then integration/billing with Shopify might be a bit weird will have to check that when I get around to it.

Overall, the engineering process is simple: build a bare-bones working MVP and then add features and figure out the rest of the stuff later.

Starting from the button > displaying mail > storing necessary parts > Shopify integration > whatevers next

Making this up as I go along, just gotta get all the necessary parts and focus on speed vs perfectionism.

Went on Twitter for 9 mins. Went on Facebook for 6 mins. No Youtube etc.

Overall good day.

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