Day 194

Asim Akhtar,

18:58 PM

Woke up at like 6:30

Back of neck started hurting

Eyes hurting slightly

Suspect it's because of lack of sleep


Kinda weird since I just woke up when I woke up as per usual


Done most major stuff on helpdesk

Now just gotta do to-dos + remove bugs

Maybe I'll make it more suitable for 'teams'

But I honestly don't give a shit at the moment

Just wanna finish it up

Maybe add a quick 'ticket assigning' workaround

Then make selfservice

Then launch

Then add webhooks after app passes production reviews

Then add livechat

Then scale + make 2nd SAAS.

2nd 3rd 4th 5th... SAAS

Will be made much quicker

Unique point in time at the moment.

So easy to make these.

BUT I am aware of Shopify cloning/copying high-performing apps

So I will most certainly have to support WooCommerce and other platforms in the future

And make all my stuff more 'broad' and more integrated so I'm less 'exposed' to 1-2 app providers taking me down for example, for whatever reason

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