Day 192

Asim Akhtar,

19:23 PM

Still working on helpdesk.

I want this to have NO bugs.

High performance. No major/minor bugs.

If there are bugs in the future, fine. Fair enough.

But for now, with the features I have... I want it to have no bugs.

Once I've done all the 'to dos' and fixed it all up (1-2 weeks), I'll move onto self service.

Then I'll consider live chat

But I think I'm just going to ship helpdesk + self-service. Need some revenue asap.

I wasn't able to do the bulk refund/cancel feature

I COULD do it, but I think it's useless

Because I could replace it with self-service.

I.e. as soon as customer emails 'cancel my order' -> automatic email to send them to self service

That way instead of mistakenly refunding cancelling orders etc...

I might be able to get merchants more $$ with returns/exchanges

Because 40% people don't actually want a full refund - they want a different item or something etc.

Then you get them as a long-term customer and the entire experience is better...

Cancellations/Refunds --> Returns --> Exchanges --> Happy customer

Technically I could make the bulk cancel/refund feature. But it's a dumb feature.

Bulk send/reply (i.e. order tracking emails) is still dumb, but it's less dumb.

And it currently works.

So I'll keep it for now.

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