Day 188

Asim Akhtar,

9:09 PM

Apparently shopify doesn't have an API to generate return labels

-- the part of self-service I decided to develop first was the returns process

So I'll have to do everything apart from the return labels now while I figure that out


Going to email competitors and see what they're using to integrate with all the shipping carriers

9:37 PM

They all integrate with different carriers (Get their users to have the API keys already etc) then feed the data back into the application

That's likely what I'll do for the return labels then, should be all good

Still not sure if I should finish off helpdesk

I might make helpdesk smooth AF before I finish off self-service given the number of integrations I'll have to do with returns

I'll see tomorrow

Might as well get one out of the way -- and given that helpdesk is 80%+ finished (although not high performance), I might just do that... then make it high performance

Then we've got a full solution for everything

I reckon time to finish helpdesk is similar to time to create self-service

So I might just finish helpdesk asap

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