Day 186

Asim Akhtar,

18:28 PM

Done the duplicate macro thing.. took a while

Removed some bugs

Gonna add 'hot quick replies' + suggested replies tomorrow

Also I need the bulk quick reply feature so gonna make that tomorrow/day after

Shouldn't be hard at all

Then... will work my way through to do list again

9:10 PM

Seriously considering just making self-service now, instead of waiting until I'm done with the dashboard

The dashboard has quite a few more features left to make it suitable for teams

See, if my self-service platform is good, it'll handle 70%+ tickets.

If it's the best it could be, it'll handle 99%+ of tickets.

So why is most of my focus on doing the dashboard / helpdesk.

Because it's working?

I know that I can build the self service platform quickly too

I know that I can ship each independently of the other, but combined it's a more powerful solution.

Okay okay think

What do my customers want?

Less work. Less time. Happier customers. More money. Fewer logistics issues.

Everything points to self-service.


I know I'm going to do both. The dashboard is 70%+ made for Shopify stores.

Self-service needs to integrate with fewer things, too.

I need like 1-2 weeks more on the dashboard to finish it good enough before I work on self-service.

Then I can focus on self-service fully + get it up to 100%

Gonna try to get dashboard done ASAP as planned. Then I'll have both, which will be a more 'complete' + stronger product

It's all bullshit if self-service can do 99% of tickets.

Cost sunk fallacy at play here too

What would someone 10x smarter than me do?

They'd do the math. They'd focus on the thing that gives the customers what they want... which is self-service

Gonna go to sleep and see what I think when I wake up.

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