Day 181

Asim Akhtar,

8:43 PM

Overall had one of my worse days

Didn't get toooo much done w/ programming

But I'm gonna go hard on it tomorrow

Also return on ad spend $$ declined slightly because I made too many ad sets

Also I think I can't sell in the UK because too many refunds + stock being weird

I think I'm going to get 30% cancellation rate

Which is fine... but people are cancelling AFTER I've shipped the orders

So, instead, I'm just going to cancel payment plan + refund 7.50 instead of the full 14.99

That way I break even on the customer and don't lose obscene amounts of money

Theoretically, then, I can order in bulk + ship to UK customers

BUT I think, given the cancellation rates, I'm going to stick to US 'dropshipping' model + just make bigger, better SAAS companies.

The day when I won't have to rely on e-com is coming soon.

If I'm fast, I think I can build a SAAS in under 2 months.

Gotta be fast though.

If I get my first SAAS solid, then I may just abandon e-com OR just keep testing new products

Can't have hours tied to a non-exponentially growing project.

If I take those same hours + apply to SAAS, rewards will be immense + outweigh e-com on all fronts.

Gotta move faster faster faster.

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