Day 174

Asim Akhtar,

10:22 AM

I believe the self service portal is the most important feature.

99% of things a virtual assistant does (for a Shopify store)...

Can be done with APIs.

Companies are currently deflecting 30% of tickets.

I think we can do more.

- Returns

Damaged items Wrong item given

If there's anything I've missed, I'll add it.

Customer support agents shouldn't really exist.

They are trained.

IF you can train a customer support agent...

You can replace the 'training' with the response.

This can be replaced with chatbots essentially.

As can most other queries.

If a question has been asked multiple times, then it can be replaced with a single button/IF statements.

The problem with the people who create the chatbots is that they're still trying to keep the human.

Instead of handling all scenarios, they have 30% of tickets handled this way.


Just looked at competitors.

They create tickets for customer support agents to handle...

This is inefficient...

Why not just eliminate the ticket in the first place + solve the issue in 2 seconds automatically?

Then you don't need to 'answer tickets faster' - the ticket won't exist in the first place.

Gonna build this as soon as I'm done with rest of features.

The full solution will allow me to charge 3-5x what competitors are charging while still being MORE value for the business owners.

E.g. Virtual assistants cost $2000/mo

Can easily charge $400/mo no problem.

11:23 AM

Figured out what I'm going to name the SAAS.

18:13 PM

Getting SAAS to-do done one-by-one.

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