Day 173

Asim Akhtar,

10:21 AM

Facebook verified my business manager, but declined another.

At least we've got 1 working.

Turned ads on.

Probably will have to turn off in another 3 days.


18:36 PM

Cleared inbox.

Sorted out some random SAAS bugs as always, improved some small stuff

Still got more bugs/features to add

Once I've added all of them I'm going to remove as many clicks/typing/user effort as possible.

Will eventually record app users (with their permission), track everything they do that's out-of-app/manual typing... then automate it

E.g. at the moment I have 'Refund' button. It also auto-fills the refund message.

BUT the user still has to click 'Send & Close after'

Might make 'Refund & Close' button, so they don't even have to press an extra button

Or I'll create an 'undo' feature, then make refund & close the default

Refund rate on US store AND UK store is 10.6% ish

Solid, given that our cost per purchase is $10-15 right now.

On payout calculator I set it to be more like $25-50.

If it stays this way, it'll be very nice for cashflow.

Then I can build the most efficient SAAS possible.

Anyway gonna keep going.

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