Day 169

Asim Akhtar,

9:46 AM

Going to remove the '25% of proceeds to charity' thing and replace it with 'a percentage of proceeds'

Since VAT comes out to be 35% of profits, then 20-25% is corporation tax...

Another 25% will NOT be sustainable.

Making a specific claim like that holds the company to that specific claim, which might prevent its growth.

Even 1% of a company 50x bigger = 2x 25% of the current donations

I could say 'up to 15%' etc but I think that'd be misleading

Can't do Shopify Subscriptions API until production, which is perfectly fine by me.

18:47 PM

Doing SAAS. Working on some small bugs/features before I finish off the fb/ig integration tomorrow

Ideally I'd have webhooks but I'll consider figuring that out after production, since it's not necessary now

With regards to e-com, well...

Technically I'm on week 0-1 of the Payout thing

[Insert screenshot]

But I currently have 400-450 customers, so I'm closer to week 2-3

MAYBE I can get to goals quicker than planned. Maybe.

I know that there'll be a cap somewhere due to suppliers having limited volume -- especially in the UK.

US I reckon 1M customers is possible... after that I'll likely have to diversify.

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