Day 168

Asim Akhtar,

11:02 AM

Facebook ad account disabled.

Probably won't be unbanned any time soon.

Using another ad account for now.

All the more reason to create a SAAS, as right now I'm dependent on Facebook.

Yes, I could use Tiktok ads or snapchat ads or display ads...

Actually that's a good idea

If Facebook doesn't unban me then I might try those out.

I need recurring customers. SAAS provides that.

For now, I'll keep the Facebook ads problem... since ad account bans are only every few months.

Once I get big enough, I should be able to just fix it with another marketing agencies help + pay them off etc.

Anyway, SAAS. Long-term. Scalable. Independent of others (aaaalmost).

Maybe with another SAAS I'll have no obstacles. This one integrates heavily with Facebook.

15:08 PM

My Facebook ad account was re-enabled.

That's fast.

Looks like we're back on track then.

Maybe Meta's getting better? Maybe.

18:31 PM

So, supplier 'cancel' button doesn't work since their API doesn't support cancellation if the order is in production (90% of orders)... very nice

The subscription cancellation works fine. Still waiting for Shopify's subscription API but I doubt they'll let me do it, so

I'll likely have to just have Recharge + Seal Subscriptions or whatever the people want

Just answered a decent backlog of emails... which showed me that my app is decent but still not there yet

e.g. it doesn't support multiple customer support emails/multiple shopify stores

E.g. if UK person messages on US store, then I don't have their data.

This is easily fixable but just an example

Oh nice Shopify just approved my subscriptions API request, gonna see if I can get that sorted tomorrow

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