Day 165

Asim Akhtar,

11:02 AM

Ad account turned off yesterday, likely due to debit card flagging either Facebook or hitting it's 250 transactions/day limit.

And naturally, my bank only operates Mon-Sat... [today is Sunday]

So I had to transfer to personal account and use that debit card. Was the only workaround.

I believe the approach here is to just let it sit + ride for now, continually increasing ad spend over time.

I'm going to gradually shift everything to a more 'branded' feel, changing all designs so they have our logo (small but visible).

Also might redesign the landing (home page) so it has a more branded feel.

Once this is done, I'll then be more comfortable upselling products, as they both have the brand logo.

Some of the current designs I've made have the logo too big, instead of being small/discreet.

Anyway, so --

Today I'll be redesigning that,

Then getting some photos made for the website

Then redesigning the website's home page slightly

And also adding some designs to UK store.

18:02 PM

Still making the photos for the website + shifting everything so it has the logo on it... both US & UK.

Will likely redesign website in another week.

Want to do some SAAS work first.

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