Day 162

Asim Akhtar,

15:36 PM

15% UK Subscribers cancelled/refunded.

1% US subscribers cancelled/refunded.

Not sure what's going on.

UK customers apparently never saw the subscription, even though they told me they agreed to the trial/subscription at checkout...

Subscription clearly visible on all devices.

Clearly states XX / month etc. Clearly states 90 day risk-free trial. Clearly states 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Worded it the way I did so it's more salesly + persuasive... rather than saying "I'm going to take money from you every single month."

Anyway, running those 14.99/wk tests etc tomorrow + day after

Then will use those tests to edit US store.

Turned off the US new test store while I get the pricing model sorted... then I'm going to test different products out with the best subscription model.

Should be able to sell 10 winning products, $1m net profit before burning out each???

Idk maybe I'm pulling numbers out of thin air.

Maybe US market not as highly converting as UK market.


I've seen people pay $100-200+ for these products that I can get at $30, so

Why not?

18:44 PM

Almost lost all hope upon seeing those mass refunds...

But now I know it's fine... just gotta test more products for cashflow.

Gotta figure out which is the best offer to use though before I go testing

I suspect to do this,

-- get list of winning products, high-volume, based off google trends + amazon + spying on other stores

-- test on general USA store

-- if it works, create niche store + test different products within niche

-- scale

But in the meantime still gonna keep sorting out SAAS

As I can do the same thing with SAAS (create multiple + scale)... tweak offers + scale... etc.

IMHO SAAS has good potential, but some cashflow to keep me going is always nice.

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