Day 161

Asim Akhtar,

19:14 PM

Testing 15.99/mo 6 months (UK store)

Testing $15.99/mo 6 months (US store)

New test store isn't looking too good... ($15.99/mo 4 months) ---

Gonna test $14.99/wk + $8.99/wk on new test store to see if pricing models do anything.

Will wait for $14.99/wk + $8.99/wk on test store to split-test on UK/US store.

Technically it should be other way round as my new test store has no data...

But if the test store only gets a few purchases, then I'll end up testing it anyway [probably separate landing page] on the existing store...


E.g. the +2 month increase (from 4mo to 6mo on UK store) might decrease conversion rate...

But it gives me 30 extra per order, so I shall most likely keep it EVEN IF it decreases conversion rate.

And if changing from monthly to bi-weekly or weekly works, then I might do that because of the quicker cash incoming... which means 2x or 4x faster scaling.

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