Day 159

Asim Akhtar,

16:27 PM

Testing new pricing model.

Previous price (US store): $58

New price: $18.99/mo x 4 months === $76, $70 approx after fees

+ $12, likely decrease in conversion rate.

Previous price (UK store): 48

New price: 17.99/mo x 4 months === 72, 68 approx after fees

+ 20, store was inactive previously so makes no difference to me.

Both stores break even after 3 months, both from product cost + customer acquisition cost.

If I change all products to use subscriptions, US store could do decently (due to a higher average order value)...

UK store likely has limited scale.

US store does not.

Will have to find sweet spot with pricing...

Given that break even time is too long, as always... shitty model... gonna keep working on saas.

Yes I could sell different products/different niches + make big bonuses, but I refuse...

Just keeping e-com for cashflow.

SAAS has more long-term potential IMO.

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