Day 158

Asim Akhtar,

18:39 PM


Ignored the IG ad comments for now since seems Instagram has spam filter or something.

Rest of IG stuff works fine


Turned UK store back on.

NOT doing bulk orders YET.

Testing price at 58 [non-bulk order]

Previous price was 48 [bulk order + better margins]

Overall, break even cost per purchase price (due to worse margins) is now $35-36...

Before break even price was $32

So the 10 price rise, without bulk ordering, only gives a $4 edge.

With bulk ordering, it'd be $40 break even cost per purchase

Anyway anyway hope is to get cost per purchase at $20-30 range, thus making $5+/order at scale.

Don't like it at all... Razor thin margins.

Hence gonna focus on SAAS.

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