Day 154

Asim Akhtar,

18:35 PM

IG DMs (conversations) + FB DMs (conversations) now done for the most part.

Some things I'll likely have to do after app goes into production e.g. testing, displaying users Names instead of just username...

And also later I'll probably create a full person profile, merge customers, map Facebook users to emails + Shopify data etc etc...

But for now it works fine for DMs.

Gotta do IG comments + FB comments next [secondary inbox].

Then I'll have to do outlook / microsoft office 365 integration.

And then I'll have to create a custom email integration for everyone who doesn't use google workspace/microsoft.

Oh and of course live chat...

BUT my Facebook business verification is taking a long time (I think it'll take 1-2 months), so I couldn't even launch if I wanted to.

So I'll get all the bugs sorted before then + make everything nice + smooth.

Alright so, IG comments + FB comments it is...

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