Day 153

Asim Akhtar,

15:32 PM

IG conversations work fine... except with all facebook conversations it only updates every 15 mins.

Might fix that with webhooks or might figure out alternative solution...

Read, write/send/reply/close

No macros on any of the IG/email/FB conversations yet.

Anyway now I'm building everything so it scales better + trying to get everything so it'll work for teams of 100+ as well as teams of 5-10.

Because 1 big company of e.g. 30 people will pay 10x more than 1 small company of 3 people.

So getting it to work with everything.

Anyway, now gonna do FB conversations.

18:42 PM

Done some of that but still working on it.

Gotta add FB + IG logo to messages so ppl know where each one is coming from.

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