Day 15

Asim Akhtar,

18:21 PM

Painting and programming. Getting closer to something resembling gmail inbox (first SAAS)

Launched $1000 ish worth of cost cap ad sets on main e-com store.

I believe cost caps work for Facebook ads (already tested them last week, maintained cost cap +- $1 and decreased cost per purchase by ~$3 to $4 overall)

Will ramp up ad spend while maintaining cost cap over the coming days.

Will likely launch new cost cap ad sets on Monday I suspect.

1h Twitter (was helping a guy out + idly scrolling) 8m Reddit (was posting art --> NFTs but I'd rather make SAAS) 5m Facebook (ads managing + comments) 4m TikTok (was looking at some guy who quit his job to try to get one from Logan Paul (failed)... idk)

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