Day 149

Asim Akhtar,

5:04 PM

Tidied up code quite a bit, made some parts of it more efficient.

E.g. before was double reading/writing to database, fixed that.

Some other stuff fixed too.

I've got to put everything in their own separate 'Items' part so it's scalable (e.g. atm everything takes up 200KB / 1MiB limit) -- with 5x the messages we'll go over the limit [unlikely but could happen]

That's for a later date though...


Got all the IG + FB data

Now I've gotta put all of it in one

So gotta combine gmail messages + facebook direct messages + instagram direct messages [main inbox type thing]

Then gotta make a separate table for fb ad comments + fb page post comments + dynamic ad post comments + ig ad post comments + ig page post comments + ig mentions [secondary inbox]

So I'll get to work combining those this week/next week + should be able to read/write everything to facebook + instagram fairly soon.

Problem is some parts of it I'm limited since my app hasn't been released yet, e.g. webhooks + seeing some fields (from_name)...

But shouldn't be too much of a problem.

After this I might skip Twitter integration [80/20 rule]

I'll probably create a live chat app system // possibly self-service portal too

Then make macros

Then maybe maybe subscriptions

SMS might be future thing

Shipping/returns maybe future

Basically I've done quite a bit of it... for the rest I'll have to get merchant feedback,

As big business needs might be different + highly varied, so I'll have to build a product that's good for them.

BUT if I focus on getting the small details right to start off with (trying to automate as much of everything as possible), then I should be well on my way to making something very good.

I don't care if other apps have more integration/features. I'm going for depth, not width.

E.g. integrating with 5 different shipping apps + 5 different returns apps is stupid af if you can just make it yourself + have an all-in-one system for customer service, which would be a lot more smoother + scalable.

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