Day 145

Asim Akhtar,

6:29 PM

US store looks break-even today. I know it's best to judge results on a week-by-week level, but today might be indicative of the future.

Basically ad costs doubled today compared to yesterday

$0 made today, but $1k+ made yesterday



We must play the long-term game

$100M Offer + SAAS

That way we can thrive in any market/ad platform + get recurring customers + heavy referrals.

As always, long term game.

Would've been nice to have a few mil in the bank, but looks like that isn't going to happen with e-com.

So I'll get back to work on SAAS (as I was already) and focus more on that rather than daily fluctuations of a business I have little control over.

OK, yes, I COULD change the offer with the e-commerce store, but it isn't a sustainable business anyway.

I COULD make it into a brand, but I don't fancy that.

SAAS. Original mission. Focus...

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