Day 130

Asim Akhtar,

7:53 PM

Did 95% duplicate button + UI.

Order create should be almost identical to duplicate button so will do that tomorrow.

Order edit should be somewhat similar to order create.

Order cancel should be fairly easy to do.

Been looking at competitors + pricing etc...

I've gotta build my app so it's better for "teams" + have a much more integrated approach across all the channels.

Atm it does the job but I wanna launch it as one of the worlds best customer support apps so I'll have to do less work in future + will be able to move quicker when building next SAAS.

Gotta do fb integration + tiktok etc etc later

So I'm gonna make it in full, which might mean it'll take an extra few weeks

But we'll see, shouldn't be too hard

Quite funny seeing how these companies have $10m+ funding but I'm just out here figuring it out as I go along with $0

Time will tell how good my product is

But 100% going to take the best of all the customer support apps + make one of the best ones.

I think my shopify integration's already identical to one of the companies

Better than 2 others

Just gotta get better at everything else too

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