Day 123

Asim Akhtar,

7:15 PM

Did refund button yesterday I think

Had to re-organize the refund layout so it's 1 click instead of scrolling

Did 20% duplicate button + UI

Duplicate/edit button is somewhat complex since I'll need to take in more inputs from the user but should be fine overall

Might eventually create "duplicate in another size/duplicate in another color/duplicate in another variant" buttons... but that's for a later date

Create order button will be similar to duplicate button.

After all this I'll have to setup some form of ticketing...

but also gotta integrate the other social medias first

so all in all shopify integration is slowly being done, might take another week to do it

we'll see how long the other stuff will take

it's just getting the initial queries/apis + user interfaces sorted out, once I've got a few requests I can just copy/paste + edit CSS

It's actually looking half decent now which is nice

Will do major CSS at end though.

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