Day 108

Asim Akhtar,

7:03 PM

Figured out how to do Shopify API thing, now I gotta make all the buttons and connections n functionality

... so overall I didn't figure out much

But I did from a noob perspective

But anyway once I've built this I can re-use it + make more SAASes in whatever I want so that's nice.

Shouldn't take too long.

Shopify API, then Facebook + Instagram API, then TikTok (maybe) - Twitter (in the future) - SMS (future).

+ Macros (templates) for 1 to 2-click replies

Then that'll be the MVP

Although I'll likely have to add support for multiple users/customer support agents in the MVP

Anyway getting 1 problem done at a time.

1 click refunds, cancel, duplicate, returns, exchanges etc here we goooooo

Was actually neglecting creating this shopify api connection since I thought it was the hardest part (as I'd need to create a Shopify app)...

Turns out I've worked around it fairly decently, so should be able to keep everything under 1 website.

I know that this is a simple thing to do. But doing things for the first time isn't always simple.

Anyway it's done now + future stuff should be much easier to do.

Any time I do things in the future, I can just copy/paste it or remember what I did before + do it. "experience".

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