Day 102

Asim Akhtar,

3:26 PM

Thinking bigger

People anchor monetary values (30k = car) in their minds.

This prevents them from both spending and making money.

E.g: Having a business making 100k/year.

Instead of thinking wow, I'll never be able to take this to 1m/year...

Run the numbers.

If you're in a multi-million industry...

Then you can get to multi millions.

To go from 100k to 1m, you need to 10X your business.

That's different to making 900k/yr more.

10xing your business is possible.

You simply need to: A) get 10x more customers/year.

B) switch to a better recurring/% based model.

C) charge 10x more

To get 10x more customers, you need to run 10x ads. Or get 10x referrals. Or so forth, as per your business.

To switch models, you need to have a business that continually provides money/security/health benefits/value etc to your clients.

To charge 10x more, you need a better offer/package that's incomparable from the competition. $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi should sort you out there.

Money is a numbers game. Plain and simple.

Once you simplify it down, it becomes easier to make more.

You can do basic math.

% based pricing model + running ads = $$$ The more you make others,

the more value you give,

the more you're able to charge,

the more freedom you have,

the more risks you can take,

the more rewards you'll get,

for yourself + everyone else.

People buy stocks because they think there's an asymmetric upside.

There might be, but to make gains... you have to have a large enough timeline (decades) to make significant returns.

Even Ethereum 5xed this year. Clearly other opportunities exist.

Those 10% stock gains only make sense if you're playing with billions.

You have to take tactical risks to reap rewards.

Otherwise youd never learn to walk youd always be afraid of falling.

The human tendency though is to watch others do something before you.

This will slow you down.

To be early/have an advantage, you have to see AND do things before others do. Before they become common.

If you do the same things average people do, you will remain average.

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