Day 1

Asim Akhtar,

15:56 PM:

Decided to start this. Keep myself accountable. Makes measuring progression easier, decreases procrastination easier.

In several years, I hope this will bring some insights to others/serve as a guide to help others.

Until then.

Current net worth: 14,000.


Build email automation/customer-service app SAAS from scratch. Already have template from Divjoy. Will hack/slash my way through this and see what I can do.

19:58 PM

Mother of...

I spent idk 1 hour coding and it was so hard to figure out how to do the gmail sign up integration (for customer service app)...

BUT programming should get easier over time and with experience I'll know react + javascript a lot better.

Around 3 hours were wasted, 1.25 playing games, 0.5 youtube, 0.2 facebook, 0.5 twitter...

Alright so here's what I'm going to do:

Block the shitty .io game that brings no value to my life and never play these games again. Block

(Blocking these using an app called Limit by

Facebook and YouTube I'll have to keep unblocked, but I'll have to not go on clickbaity shit and use em strictly for managing ads and searching programming stuff up.

Twitter I'll have to unblock once I've created my app so I can promote it on a separate business account or whatever.

So if I disable the blocker temporarily, I'll have to write it here as I'm doing it so I know what my intention is when using the site.

That way I'll get maximum value from my time instead of mindlessly browsing shit.

I used to be an impulse-seeking guy, but I stopped being an impulse-seeking guy at one point.

When programming gets hard, I tend to bail. However, if I push through, then programming will get easier.

This will remove all distractions as programming will become easy, so I won't seek an escape.

Quick recap:

Blocked stuff that wastes time. Twitter staying blocked until app finished. Facebook should only be used for ads managing. YouTube should only be used for programming.


Still running e-commerce store in the background, not much to say there. ~ 15 mins/day responding to emails and ads stuff.

I can't spend 3 hours procrastinating and whatnot and then 1-2 hours working. It's not going to work. I'll bleed in the long-run. I won't do this again.

Now, I know my future self is going to have impulses, but you have to ignore them.

If you're feeling tired:


Once you let the thought become action, it's hard to stop the momentum.

Positive momentum must overcome negative momentum, or you'll drag yourself down into a spiral where you're constantly giving into your impulses and getting nothing done.

You can either have everything you want or lose it all for no reason whatsoever.

Which is it gonna be?

Yeah, you fucking moron.

The successful among us delay gratification.

Don't betray your future self to gratify your present self. IT'S A STUPID GAME. WE'VE PLAYED THIS GAME TOO MANY TIMES. DON'T DO IT. STOP.

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