Asim Akhtar's Journey

Asim Akhtar's journey on his progress with marketing, e-commerce, and making SAAS companies.

19:01 PM

Did some stuff at other house.

Tried making another new Shopify store instead of A/B testing prices

Either way I really can't be bothered for split testing that as it's a shitty arbitrage

All I'm doing is media buying arbitrage and really an extra $10 per order isn't worth it

I'd rather make SAAS companies and get $99/mo every single month from large businesses + help them profit for years instead of scraping another $10 from customers for no real reason.

Anyway that's that, back to programming.

19:09 PM

Did some stuff at other house. Did some programming too.

Images working, reply stuff not working fully yet – I still have to let it support rich text etc

Also might add a CC feature thing later, buuuut anyway gotta get most important stuff first then do shopify integration then fix it all up.

Cost caps working very well when paired with new creatives.

To scale cost caps, all you need to do is use more creatives. Who would've guessed, hey.

Started reading Alex Hormozi's $100M offers book, some really good shit in there that I'm gonna look back at when creating SAAS.

In fact it's so ridiculous how good that book is in terms of actual ACTIONABLE advice.


To the one person out there reading this who's looking to start their own business/scale their existing business, READ THE BOOK.

19:10 PM

Ya know, if all of my current Shopify customers were on the same $ subscription, I'd have 8 figures.

Hence gotta focus 100% on SAAS.

Nevertheless I duplicated a ton of ad sets + new images/ads scheduled for tomorrow, 16 cost cap + 17 cost cap, $1000/day, $500/day each ad set

Still doing programming email automation saas figuring that out.

Once I've figured out Gmail I'll have to Shopify integration then do Outlook integration then IMAP/SMTP integration.

Then integration with Facebook + twitter + instagram etc so all 1 congruent email message all-in-one platform.

I essentially never want the user to tab to another website so it's the most efficient process possible.

Everything all in one place.

Once everything IS all in one place, might do live chat next.

Then again I might just launch it as an email etc etc only thing for now w/o live chat depending on how hard that is to do.

Though live chat does make for quicker support so it is technically more efficient

But then after that to make it 100% efficient you'd have to use AI and I'd rather build multiple non-AI SAAS companies for now, then later expand if/when necessary.

20:03 PM

Closed (new, 2nd, test) Shopify store, might make another one in a couple of days – or I'll just focus on SAAS.

Went off social media mainly Twitter, so most of focus is on programming first email automation SAAS.

20:02 PM

“To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents.

What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.”

― Sir Winston Churchill

Gotta get to work.

17:54 PM

Some stuff at other house + not much done today.

Might start making the facebook tracking/url parameter tracking app tomorrow since I should be able to do it fairly quickly.

18:16 PM

Made new store, ads scheduled for tomorrow ($80/day), new ad account so that'll take a while to warm up.

Did some stuff at other house.

Still trying to figure out gmail img src button thing for attachment.

19:28 PM

Starting to make store to test a new e-com brand/product

Will probably test ads in 1-2 days.

Did some stuff at other house.

Was gonna do programming but testing products for new e-com store is more important for cashflow.

19:36 PM

Did some painting + programming.

Can't figure out how to get image attachments showing properly for gmail but will figure that out.

18:14 PM

Was cleaning up at other house...

I did spend 1h on Twitter, some of which was mindless browsing – but was helping a guy out with smth and had the tab open on the side.