Day 96

9:58 PM

Making solid progress on SAAS now that it's most of what I'm doing.

I swear this gif makes it feel slow. Gonna add hotkeys or whatever to make this 0-click emails.

This is just my SAAS since it’s annoying to send 100 emails/day, for everyone – customer service agent or not.

Most platforms have 4-3-2 click emails.

I.e. gmail –> click on message, click on reply, type message, press send button. click on next message…

With this: type message, press send button —> automatically goes to next message.

You might not care but efficiency adds up over time. Especially when you have to tab back and forth, instead of 1 min/email you can do like 10s/email, maybe 5s.

Going to have automated responses/’macros’ to popular emails you send (customizable).

practically everyone has messages they send more than once if you work in most jobs.

i.e. in e-commerce it’s refunds, returns, exchanges, shipping info etc.

in other biz it might be asking for docs, signature, ya de ya…

anyway that’s that.

Crypto: Neos will go to $30, 10x. Buying all dips under $4.