Day 92

8:54 PM

Reduced US store prices yesterday. Somehow makes more profit that way.

Only way to make more money is to either bundle product or make new ones entirely.

As highlighted for the 100th time, SAAS has a better model.

High ticket. Subscriptions. Recurring revenue. High LTV.

Gotta stop getting caught with short-term plays.

Even if I 3xed e-com store, wouldn’t be comparable to making 2-3 different SAAS companies, testing landing pages & all the advantages making + selling software brings.

Ability to see patterns AND act on them is what matters.

Knowledge is not enough.

Action itself is not enough.

Consistent action is not enough.

Consistent, specific, directed action towards the best business model. That is enough.

Even though others might think they’re better, it doesn’t matter.

If limited by skill, hire people with skill — or learn.

We are born to learn. Then taught to follow instructions. This is not the way.

There are no rules to this game.

There’s only you, the player — and the outcome you desire.

You can maximize your likelihood of success. Reverse-engineer it. Start from the outcome, then work backwards.

This is theoretical. Was once told by a guy to not listen to people who haven’t done it before. This is a weak model.

Before you act (long-term), thinking helps narrow your focus.


7-8 figure+ SAAS companies already exist here —> product validated.

Can’t currently think of anything else, so I’ll work with that for now.

First principles thinking will also help in the future. And now.

Sort out cashflow, more freedom to think/test BEFORE creating product.

This is key. Saves month of product creation by simply running ads to see how many people convert.

Yes, I know, I’ve already been creating the customer service app.

Just trying to refocus. Must have 90%+ attention on SAAS creation.

Easier to solve a problem if it’s the only problem you’re focusing on.