Day 72

9:41 PM

May or may not have bought crypto.

Gotta focus on SAAS + E-COM to improve cashflow —> invest into crypto.

Gonna triple down to make better offers + test everything instead of being lazy.

Check winning products bookmarks + start testing, figure out niche + build brand around the most profitable product.


I could just 100% focus on SAAS....

I'm going to keep clothing brand, attempt to scale that + focus on SAAS for LTV.

Testing new products will take too much of my time, and I need time to build the thing that's gonna make me sustainable, passive income.

Well it won't really take too much of my time

I just can't be doing 10 things at once

1 hour e-com – customer service, new designs/products/ads

Rest of time SAAS

Every day or so check crypto for hidden gems (which I may or may not have bought).

Should’ve just put it in eth/sol/polygon or smth tbh and not touched it but oh well

And yeah…