Day 53

20:24 PM

Been ill past few days so never got too much work done.

Changed my offer slightly to incentivize people to buy 2 products instead of buying 1.

Idk if it'll increase average order value without decreasing conversion rate much, but I'll have to wait 1-2 days and see.

If I make less than $6 per order on average with this setup (making people buy 2 minimum), then I’ll revert back to original.

I just don’t want to get too fingers-on-the-buzzer and change it back before the test has fully run, so I’ll look at results on Monday or Tuesday (giving it 24-48 hours, should be enough data) before I switch back.

All ads etc are the same, the changes are just on-site only with the offer.

I should focus on my SAAS I’ll be honest as that’s going to take me to my first million the quickest, but I still wanna see how the A/B test runs. All data is valuable.

Getting bugs as usual with SAAS, gotta fix them and stop the flashing on loading message threads (previous email replies).

Added include spam/trash thing and “show closed replies” into a settings bar.

Also I probably included/fixed quite a few things, forgot what they were.

Just gotta work out some kinks, add a few more necessary features for customer service (i.e. seeing previous email messages from a person 1-click) —

And then I'll make the Shopify integration etc etc.