Day 22

18:38 PM

Lost about 1.5k in total in crypto from high leverage trading.

Would've worked but oh well.

Looks like I'll have to keep making money the good ol' fashioned way.

Anywho, works out in my favor anyway. More value provided —> more money I get.

Same end result, no matter what currency the money's in.

20:43 PM

As exciting and lucrative as crypto can be, I was doing high leverage trading and wiped my account out.

For now, gonna set hard limits on twitter and other mainly time wasting websites etc.

Focus and discipline is the way.

By not trading crypto, I’ll be playing a higher success probability game.

Long-term profitability is much more likely with this, and it’s far easier to see, track, and improve on.

Maybe in the future I might be able to make a crypto swing trading bot, but for now I’ll take a hard pass.

Unless I can create strategies and execute them in the past to verify their performance, I’d rather not.

Business > crypto long-term.