Day 142

5:04 PM

Going to shut down UK store and try to scale hard on US store.

Asked for refund from supplier so I can deploy more capital to US store + hammer hard on ads.

Idea emerged partly from podcast a few days ago –

People don’t make as much money as they can… because they don’t want to.

Example given was $100k/mo biz fully autopilot, great customers, great margins.

And also $400k/mo biz but didn’t like the customers, more work, lower margins.

To make $$$ long term the solution was simple… go all in on the $100k/mo biz, invest more time + scale it up.

Kinda what’s happening here except with cashflow issues.

My UK store margins are almost identical to US store margins (since I have to pay VAT), except…

With US store it’s 90% less work since I don’t have to bulk order + sizes are fairly consistent.

US store:

If US store dies out… then I can always turn UK store back on. But I doubt it.

US store with current cashflow is making decent money.

UK store is not, since I don’t have enough stock (yet)

Only recently started doing the bulk thing so yeah.

SO anyway, if my supplier refunds me, then I should be able to deploy 100% on US store and scale fast + hard.

$5-10 profit/order pre-tax etc etc

Maybe it’s possible that I’m able to do [a lot more] orders/day once I’ve got my customer service SAAS setup + automate 90% of the stuff I do…

Will probably have to get some new designs out to maintain profitability though

Main focus still SAAS.

Capital will be re-deployed to US store as/when possible.

Scale hard. Scale fast. No limits.

EDIT: PayPal might be annoying (hold money) if I scale fast, but I’m going to do it anyway… let’s see if it backfires —

If PayPal holds are too long (60-90 days), I’ll disable PayPal on the store. Problem solved.