Day 140

10:03 PM

Figuring out Facebook’s API and making ‘workarounds’…

Fun times…

E-com’s going smoothly as a side note, just turned on US ads…

Bumped up prices by 25% (post-purchase fee).

Fee is before checkout so they still see the price.

Still got same conversion rate.

UK ads fine, remaining steady margins if I move fully to bulk order.

Will have to experiment with ways to increase AOV over time

Will do that AFTER I’ve got logistics sorted with every color/size for hoodies, then expand out.

Last thing I want to do is over-order in bulk, then enter a slow month + have capital locked up.

But if US store is doing solid (which I suspect it will) then I should have nothing to worry about (for now).

I’ll have to test a lot of stuff to make more money with e-com

BUT main focus is SAAS now as I like the challenge + the opportunity is ridiculous for making billion $$ companies with infinite scale.