Asim Akhtar's Journey

Asim Akhtar's journey on his progress with marketing, e-commerce, and making SAAS companies.

Day 60

9:28 PM

The front + back thing didn't work, cost per purchase too high.

It's funny, ya know.

You could easily sell softwares for $299/mo that take you a few weeks to code

Then make several millions as you scale it.

Make a customer service app to handle your customer service, and there you go.

Software's easy to scale.

E-commerce isn't.

Logistics is hard with e-commerce.

Logistics is also the key to e-commerce.

There's nothing hard with building software, apart from the time it takes to build it.

Once I've built this, it'll be quicker to build more.

The only thing you need is marketing, and I've got that sorted.

So really, really, all of this dilly dallying around has just wasted a lot of time.




Which is


Gonna block all social media now.

Look, I know social media reflects the user. Your experience is determined by what you want to see.

But at this moment in time, I've just gotta do the work.

All the insights will still be on there. I might miss a few things here and there, but oh fucking well.

I'd rather miss a few things & have a fully functional app/software and THEN have free time rather than messing around.

Discipline = freedom.

More discipline, more freedom.

Thing is, I often disable the blocker.

I do this when programming gets hard.

But this stops me from getting into a flow state, as I NEED things to get hard to sort them out.

Anyway, anyway, nothing's even hard anymore with programming. I literally just figure it all out.

So why the fuck am I even trying to start/dabble with e-commerce stores when there's a goldmine right in front of me?

I know the math. SAAS > E-com.

I know how much time it'll take. LESS than if I were procrastinating.

I know that once I make it and market it, I'll be able to make more quicker + be financially free quicker.

So what is it?

I'm not hungry enough.

I'm not disciplined enough.

I'm not doing the things I know I should be doing.

60 days man.

60 days.

You could've done it by now.

Let's see.

DREAM OUTCOME: Multiple $1m+ SAAS companies created this year.

PROBABILITY OF DREAM OUTCOME: Incredibly high, all I need to do is create grand-slam offers & re-read $100M offers multiple times.

EFFORT/SACRIFICE: Programming (I genuinely have nothing better to do), right? What could possibly be better than programming SAAS as quickly as humanly possible... AND taking that knowledge to build future SAAS companies!!

TIME DELAY: 2 MONTHS first SAAS, full Shopify integrations + live chat functionality 100% tested etc. From there, next SAAS ad tracking software. After that, probably split testing software. After that, we'll see what other hungry markets there are (look at Inc 5000 companies Will Cannon, see what problems they're solving, then reverse-engineer to make softwares that offer that better — check one of the first emails from Cold Email Wizard).

00:38 AM

I was trying to “brand” my products.

As it turns out, it's a little expensive.

The easiest, cheapest way to do this is to just put my brand logo on the clothing.

Holy shit I'm doing this all wrong.

I should simply focus on SAAS. 100%.

The amount of things I could build if I knew how to code...

I'll apply e-com marketing knowledge + $100M Offers to SAAS

That's probably quickest way to become a billionaire.

And THEN in my SPARE time I can test products/designs etc, THEN build brands around them –> bulk order to decrease margins.

So, let's stop dilly dallying around and get to it.

19:40 PM

Had to update the SAAS code with new stuff since codebase updated

Testing 2 new designs on e-com store, will see what they do.

My ad frequency is high. That's why my ads aren't running enough/aren't highly profitable.

Will fix this ASAP.

18:52 PM

Fixed some of the bugs... caused by a retarded if statement.


Might use cold emails to promote my SAAS to get the free traffic/beta testers in the beginning. Or just run ads.

100% can run ads for the 2nd SAAS (ad tracking)

Not sure about running the ads for the customer service automation though, will have to read 100m offers (Alex Hormozi) a couple times and see what I can come up with.

20:24 PM

Been ill past few days so never got too much work done.

Changed my offer slightly to incentivize people to buy 2 products instead of buying 1.

Idk if it'll increase average order value without decreasing conversion rate much, but I'll have to wait 1-2 days and see.

  • Break even cost per purchase was $22,
  • cost cap set to $16,
  • average cost per purchase was $16 to $18.

  • New break even cost per purchase is $34 (shitty margins with print on demand),
  • cost cap the same ($16) since I wanna make it a fair test,
  • average cost per purchase currently $31 (makes sense, 2x the cost, 2x the price —> probably gonna fail due to margins).

If I make less than $6 per order on average with this setup (making people buy 2 minimum), then I’ll revert back to original.

I just don’t want to get too fingers-on-the-buzzer and change it back before the test has fully run, so I’ll look at results on Monday or Tuesday (giving it 24-48 hours, should be enough data) before I switch back.

All ads etc are the same, the changes are just on-site only with the offer.

I should focus on my SAAS I’ll be honest as that’s going to take me to my first million the quickest, but I still wanna see how the A/B test runs. All data is valuable.

Getting bugs as usual with SAAS, gotta fix them and stop the flashing on loading message threads (previous email replies).

Added include spam/trash thing and “show closed replies” into a settings bar.

Also I probably included/fixed quite a few things, forgot what they were.

Just gotta work out some kinks, add a few more necessary features for customer service (i.e. seeing previous email messages from a person 1-click) —

And then I'll make the Shopify integration etc etc.

Day 48

17:22 PM

Moved house few days ago, now back on mission.

Was thinking about making another Shopify store but idk if it's the right time given the fact that SAAS gives better subscription $$ and I can make multiple SAAS companies and so forth, each one quicker than the one before...

18:31 PM

Fixing so much stuff that's broken with the whole message reply history system

If you click on a message you can only see latest message

But you can't see message history

Fixing that all up now + tomorrow

18:12 PM

Some more programming, getting there slowly.

Fixing some random stuff.

18:27 PM

Did programming – was sorting out the close message function thing + making buttons nicer

Fixed some mini-bugs

Send, send & close, close buttons fully functional now + “message sent” etc notifications showing on screen.

Going to make a bulk close feature tomorrow, display spam/trash/previously closed tickets options.

Then gotta add display previous emails from customer when click on their name

I'm not able to make the thing automatically go to next message on “Send & Close” (reducing click by 1), because of the order of operations.

I could do it so if the customer service agent refunds on Shopify THEN replies & clicks “Send & Close & Next”, then it takes them to the next message automatically...

But given the extra decision fatigue required by customer service agent by having multiple buttons, I'm not sure that this would be a good idea.

In total, the amount of clicks needed to respond to a “full refund” request would be:

1) Click on email (then read email)

2) Press full refund button

3) Confirm full refund — Refund reply auto-populates itself based on store settings (“no returns needed” etc)

4) Press “Send & Close”

I don't have the refund buttons setup yet, but that's how it'd work in theory.

4 clicks, can be done in less than 10 seconds with 0 scrolling needed.

I COULD make it 2 clicks by

0) automatically displaying email then

1) Full Refund auto-populate response (no confirmation prompt)

2) Customer service agent double checks message, presses send & close

0) Automatically display next message

But the thing is – sometimes customer service agents reply first and then take the action needed...

So I might create that send/close/next button as it'll make things SO MUCH faster,

As they won't need to click on the next email

+ also by removing confirmation prompt and having “Full Refund No Confirmation” e.g. buttons, then it'll reduce another click.


I'll figure other stuff out first then try to see if I can implement that.

To the people reading this who don’t know what I’m on about, you’ll see when I show the finished product.

Chances are the only people reading this will be after-the-fact, decades after I’ve done what I’m gonna do.

18:57 PM

Did programming for most of the day.

Sorting out the reply function.

Will have to sort out the “close” part of the reply function tomorrow.